The first Akpatok release, published in 2014, consists of three long minimalistic compositions, arranged for guitar and electric organ. In these pieces, Dawid Adrjanczyk examines the problems of time, sound duration and stillness in a musical piece. These problematic aspects, derived directly from explorations of American minimalism, find here their individual artistic rendering, marked by inner tension, restless motion and the expressive vibration of musical articulation.
The three tracks walk slowly through the woods. They are isolated. The steady drone begins to cut through the snow. With its colossal tone, the drones are as thick as the bronze trunks. Another sound creeps in – spinning its blades like an unmarked helicopter. A droning dawn chorus rises from slumber. For eighteen minutes the world is covered in white. As the drone progresses, the snow gradually gets deeper. In the middle of a cold zone, the drone starts to pick up abrasive thoughts. Just like a terror attack, it comes without any kind of warning. There’s a gritty feel to the music. Tensions are beginning to surface. — A CLOSER LISTEN
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