In 2017, during various live performances, Akpatok presented a series of compositions titled Micromovements.
In these pieces, the musicians explore the ways in which micro changes in sound and organic fluctuations between the voice and the electric organ can influence the listeners' state of mind and the way they perceive the music.
The compositions, written as open forms, are designed to develop and transform from one performance to another and as such they were recorded in February 2017 in Prague at Punctum–Krásovka. After that, in 2018, together with Punctum–Krásovka and Punctum Tapes, Akpatok published the video (made by Prague-based visual artist Radim Labuda) and the cassette.
The cassette is part of a series of live recordings which documents live performances that take place at Punctum–Krásovka. The Micromovements album was published under the catalogue name PTLVS003.
The cassette is available to order at the Punctum Tapes website.
The duo refer to these as "micro movements", referring to "organic fluctuations between voice and electric organ". It’s emotionally muscular music. The duo are underselling the melodicism of their own performances. Dawid’s organ pushing is musically chunky, with wads of heavy bass vibrating throughout this live recording, and all of his melodies relying on user-friendly ostinati and repetitions. — THE QUIETUS

Frameshots from Radim Labuda's Punctum concert video. Prague, 2017

Kultur im Bunker, Bremen, 2017. Photo by Thorben Thum

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